Why should you listen to Vivaldi´s Four Seasons?


Cheerful – happy (alegre)

To be featured – spotlighted, mentioned or shown (destacado)

Delight – pleasure, joy (delicia)

To capture – catch and hold (capturar)

Plot – plan (plan, argumento)

Thunderstorm – electrical storm (tormenta)

Lightening – (relámpago)

To break-out – to begin suddenly (estallar)

Turtledove – a variety of dove (rtola)

Hailstorm – shower or hail (granizada)

To flatten – to make flat (aplanar)

Hunters – person who kills animals for food (cazador)

To dash out – to leave in a hurry (irse con prisa)

Pursuit – search (persecución)

Prey – hunted animals (presa)

Eager – keen (entusiasta)

Teeth chattering – teech hitting each other (castañeante)

Slips and falls – to slide (on ice) and fall down (resbalarse y caerse)

Harpsichord – early keyboard (clavecín)

Social skills suitable – appropriate ability to interact

To pull off – to succeed in doing something (sacar adelante)

To pop back up – to reappear – to appear again (reaparecer)

Trotting horses – horses walking quickly (caballos trotando)

Pre- questions:

  1. Do you think that everybody should know and listen to some pieces of music belonging to famous composers? Why?

  1. Do you think that it is important to appreciate the characteristics of the music you are listening to: the genre, recognizing the motif, the theme, the time signature...? Why?

  1. Do you think that vocal music is more important or interesting than instrumental music? Why?

  2. Do you think that all the music must describe any thing, any special feeling?

Questions about the video – (Read these questions before watching the video)

  1. What´s the character of the most known melodies belonging to the Four Seasons by Antonio Vivaldi?

  1. The Four Seasons were published in Amsterdam. When? Do you know the century?

  1. In order to compose this work, Vivaldi was inspired by a novel/a poem/ a painting.

  1. Vivaldi was an old fashioned composer / generation ahead of this time.

  1. What´s the animal that welcomes Spring in The Four Seasons with a happy song?

  2. In Spring, other aspects related to weather can be listened to. Name 3 of them:

  1. Other situations or characters are descriptive in this work (hunters, crackling fire, turtledoves, hailstorm, teeth chattering, slips and falls in the ice...). Match these ones with the corresponding season:

  1. Summer:

  1. Autumn:

  1. Winter:

  1. Many musicians composed descriptive music during Romanticism. Do you know the century?

  1. Vivaldi pulled off descriptive music with only a few instruments. Which ones?


  1.  Vivaldi composed many works for young musicians who lived in an “ospedale” or “conservatorio” de la Pieta for orphaned girls/boys.

    This document was written by Mª José de Vega  and Douglas Fedele.