You can study The Gregorian Chant with this video:

What´s the Gregorian Chant?

Some historical details:
Who was the son of Peppin the Short?
What did the Pope ask Pepin the Short to do?

The origin of Gregorian Chant
Which were the two styles of chant that finally evolved to Gregorian Chant in Early Middle Ages?

Cause and effect
How many years did Gregory the Great rule?
Why is the Pope Gregory I associated with Gregorian chant?
What does the legend say about the creation of this chant?
Why is Gregorian chant so important?
If Gregorian chant had never emerged in the 8th century, what would have happened to Western Music?

Specific details:
What are the main characteristics of Gregorian chant?
Which language is Gregorian chant written in?
Does it have a metered rhythm?
Is Gregorian Chant monophonic or poliphonic music?
What were the two "church modes" ( ancient modes) that were the basics or ancestor of the major and minor scales?

Subjects related
Name a Greek word from the church modes?
Can you say two characteristics of the work "Dies Irae"?
Where did the lyrics of Dies Irae come from?

Did you like the video? Why?
What are the most interesting facts about the Gregorian Chant you have learnt?

These questions were written by some of the students belonging to 2º A- B in IES Rodríguez MOñino.
Antonio Carrasco corrected and organized the question to make the most our learning.

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