How to analyse a piece of music

                 Write all you know about the piece of music you´re listening to: 

      What´s the name of this piece of music?

    Who composed it?

      What period in the History of Music does it belong to?

      Write about some interesting aspects about the period in which it was composed and about its style

     ( Is it symphonic music, chamber music, ancient music, clasical, popular, pop, rock, jazz music, etc.?)

      What´s the character of this piece of music? 

      You can describe its character using the adjectives you consider the most  significant for it. 

       Is this piece instrumental or vocal music? Secular or religious? Is it pure or descriptive music? 

       Was it composed for a special event, ceremony or for being played  in a special place?

       Are you listening a symphony orchestra, a chamber orchestra ( a duet, trio o quartet...) , a band, a rock band, a jazz band, a           choir, a soloist with an instrumental acompaniment...?

       If it´s a vocal piece, can you name the type of voice ( soprano, mezzosoprano, alto, tenor, baritone, bass or a pop singer?

      What´s the language you´re listening to? 

      Does the tune move with a stepwised motion or with many and large leaps ? 

      Is narrow or wide the pitch range? 

      Is it  a salmodic, syllabic, pneumatic or melismatic tune? 

      Is it structured in clear phrases

     Can you apreciate tunes that are repeated several times? Do you listen its parts ( verses, chorus, leitmotivs, ...)

      Has it got a metered rhythm or not?

      Can you guess the time signature? Is it a duple, triple or quadruple time?

      Can you listen to a predominant note value in a special motif, leitmotiv or ostinato?


      What´s the tempo (speed) of the piece of music you are listening to? ( Presto, Allegro, Andante, Adagio, Largo)

      How is the dynamic ( volume) of the piece of music? Can you notice many changes in the volume? 

      What are the dynamic markings you can appreciate?

    Texture: Is it a monophonic tune, polyphonic music or an acompanied melody?

      Personal opinion: Do you like this piece of music? Why? Does it remind me to another piece of music?

    Analyse a pop song:

    1- Analyse its parts. 

    2- Write about its character, instruments, singer and another significant musical aspects.

    3- What´s the message of this song? Underline a significant line or verse for you and write why you´ve chosen. 

    4-Write about the composer and singer or group that sing and perform this song. 

    5- Write a list with the words or expression you don´t know.