Analyzing a film: August Rush

August Rush I

1- Which of these three lines do you agree with most? Give your own reason.

"I can hear the music everywhere"
"I believe in music the way people believe in fairytales"
"I like to imagine what I hear"

2- Explain the relation of these characters to Evan:

3- Evan was bullied at the Home for Boys. Why?

4- You are Evan. Write the diary about that night there.

5- Who took him there and why?

6- How did he escape from there?

7- Evan´s parents met a roof top. What were they doing there?

8- Their meeting on the roof was special. What did they have in common?

9- What is the role of the moon in some parts of the film?

10- When Evan got to NYC he is impressed by the sounds of the city. Could you describe his feelings?

11- What´s the name of the social worker who wanted to help and find Evan?

12- Name the cities that appear in the film and the characters related.

13- What is the main difference between the orphanage and Wizzard´s workshop ( an old and abandoned theater)?

14- How did Evan get there?

15- Do you like Wizard? Give positive and negative opinions about him.

16- "You gotta like music more than you like food"- Wizard. Could you think of another sentence like this one to make people like music?

August Rush II

1- What was Evan´s first contact with real music?

2-In the film they mention a famous classical masterpiece ( Lyla hummed to a little girl, a piano student) Which one is it?

3-How did Lyla know that her son is alive?

4- Louis met Lyla in NYC. When they split up, their lives took a different destination. Could you name the cities in which they were living before converging again in NYC at the end?

5-Why did Louis leave his life in San Francisco?

6-The famous arch in Washington Square became a symbol in the film. In your opinion, what is the meaning of it ?

Read all the events taking place there and underline the right items.

(meeting point for Louis and Lyla ; place for street musicians; the place where Evan met Arthur and Louis met Evan; place where Lyla went back when she returned to NY, meeting point for Jennifer and Evan, place for the gospel choir, place where Arthur whacked Wizzard with Roxanne…)

7-“There is music everywhere”, says Evan. Can you remember any other moment when Evan realized this fact of being listening to music in the most unsuspected places?

(arriving to the centre of Manhattan where he was flooded by the noise-music of life around him; when he heard children playing basket in the church yard…)

8-Name of the music symphony August/Evan composed for the Concert in the Park.

9-He wanted to be heard buy hundred of people. What do you think he meant?

10-“You can´t learn music from books” Wizard told Evan. What is your opinión about that?

11-At the end both parents are playing their music in their own concerts and there was a moment where classical and rock music got beautifully blended. When? What did it suggest to you? 

12- The most unbelievable part of the story for you.

13-Music plays the main role in this film. Is it :

  1. A way to escape?

  2. a way to find yourself?

  3. a way to express your feelings?

  4. a way to communicate with others?

  5. a way to make people be better?

14-Make a list of five or six characters by clasifying these categories:




        1.1.Describe their relation of each of them to the world of music.

        1.2. Describe their personality with three adjetives.


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