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Rolex Replica oyster perpetual series of classic, the introduction of 31 and 36 mm in the new table section, each equipped with a new unique dial. Automatic chain perpetual movement oyster perpetual series combined with the famous Rolex replica waterproof oyster shell and Rolex watch is known for its accurate and reliable. This series of functions, is to display the time clearly and accurately, and this is where the essence of oyster concept. Oyster perpetual series is the official approval of the clock, with all the basic elements of oyster series, fully demonstrate the Rolex legend image. This table is a new dial configuration profile, with elegant and rich sports style color, show itself in numerous watch.

The new Cellini series demonstrate watchmaking tradition in the most exquisite charming elegance, absolute. Case made of exclusive foundry factory of Rolex Replica Watches, with 18 CT white gold or Eternal Rose Gold styles to choose from. Classic round design of 39 mm diameter is the traditional symbol of the brand, and other detailed shell ear, polished modification, and two in the outer circular arch ring and the outer ring composed of triangular pit, let watch more distinctive. One symbol of the replica Rolex triangle pit, for screwing in the table back, and the back is as old as the table design of a circular arch. A trumpet shaped screw down crown highlights the delicate aesthetic Cellini series.

The other dial also cite tab knowledge and traditional Replica Watches brand. The dial are modified by the paint, or decorated with black or silver plated classic "rayon flamm e de la gloire" radiation pattern, and a music golden solid hour markers. Different functions depending on the watch dial layout, the Cellini series can be divided into three categories. Cellini Time is a model of classical tab, set up sometimes, and seconds display; and Cellini Date by pointer dial Deputy add calendar function, China has. Finally, Cellini Dual Time can display two time zones, and in the second time zone dial Deputy window assembly elegance of the sun and the moon and night indicating.

Time is endless continuous passage: yesterday, today, tomorrow. Every day is not the same, indispensable. Replica Rolex Watch of Cellini Date in the minutes and seconds display, add calendar display function, develop its elegant style, full of poetic and glorious tradition. The central zone of radiation pattern of the little Phnom Penh Deputy dial is arranged at the three o'clock position, display the complete sequence of the month date. As in the days of old clock, small gold pointer day indicating the current date. This calendar display is arranged on a single dial, witness the time flies, whether yesterday, today or tomorrow, it is always accompanied by the outstanding timepiece.